Our Team

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Rosemarie and Nico v.Eijck-Weel


We are Rose and Nico v Eijck and we are living in Edam in the north part of the Netherlands.

Rosemarie was working as a manager of an old people home and i worked as a technician for a central heating company. We both are retired and had a plan to help children in Nepal.

In 1986 we did a hiking in the Annapurna range and saw a beautiful country with lovely people who stole our hearts. Then the plan was born.

34 years later we met an American girl with the right contacts to start a project in Nepal. She gave us the telephone number of Durga Bandhari of the Shree Yagyamati school Kathmandu.

With a lot of help from friends and family we started a sponsor action and raised money for the kindergarten. In 2021 during the COVID periode we took the plane to Kathmandu and with the help of Aayushma Bhandari and Thapa we realised the kindergarten. We hope that it will grow so that a lot of children can go to school and help to build a great future for Nepal and themself.

Thanks to family Bhandhri and all of our sponsors. We wish the Shree Yagyamati school in Katmandu a lot off success.

Greetings Rose and Niek